Demo Import and Plugin Installation

How to import dummy data in ClassifiedPro? To auto-redirect to the Easy Setup wizard, you need to install and activate the Classified Pro theme. But if you exited the setup wizard you can always go back to it by navigating to Appearance > Setup. STEP 1: Click Get

Security requirements

Is SSL required for ClassifiedPro? Yes, SSL is required for Classified-Pro. Nowadays is highly recommended to include SSL in your domains. Some Cloud Servers and also Hosting Providers, also include SSL Certificates to enable your Websites. While using Classified-Pro some settings aren’t required the use of an SSL. Otherwise, some settings

Header Search on Home Page

How to turn on the header Search on Home Page? You can enable Header search on pages in CubeWP Settings.   STEP 1: Go to CubeWP Settings > Header     If you want to enable the search in headers, then make sure to


Note Before proceeding with installation we recommend to check the server requirements, Mentioned below Requirements for instalation Application Minimum WordPress 6.0 PHP 7.4 max_execution_time 300 memory_limit 256 M post_max_size 256 M upload_max_filesize 30 MB Application Recommended Application Recommended Curl Yes


What is ClassifiedPro ClassifiedPro is a ReCommerce Classified WordPress Theme, that enables you to create your own online marketplace in just a few clicks. Whether users are looking to sell used goods or they are in the market for something