Can I create More Post Types for my Project?

Estimated reading: 3 minutes

In ClassifiedPro, by default, we have Three Post Types

  • General Ads
  • Property Ads
  • Automotive Ads

You can use these Post types in ClassifiedPro. You can customize labels. But if you want to add a new Post Type, You can add it easily with CubeWP. But it will not work as ClassifiedPro Post Type, The New Post Type will work normally as a default CubeWP Post type work.

To make the New Post Type as ClassifiedPro please follow the below steps.

PART 1: Create New Post Type and add into ClassifiedPro Post Type

You can easily create new post type with the help of CubeWP. Please follow the below steps:

  • Go to CubeWP
  • Click on Post Types
  • Add New
  • Enter your Post Type details
  • Save Changes
  • Turn On
  • You will see your newly created Post Type here.
  • Select your Post Type
  • Save Changes

For confirmation, you can check your Post type section and see Location and Category will attach to the new Post Type


PART 2: Add into Post Type Model and Landing Pages in Header

  • Go to CubeWP
  • Click on CubeWP Settings
  • Go to Header
  • Scroll Down
  • You can see POST TYPE Landing Pages links
  • You can see your all Created POST TYPE here
  • Choose the desired page of your POST TYPE

PART 3: Create Post Type Form for New POST TYPE

ClassifiedPro is powered by CubeWP, you can easily create a Post Type form with the help of CubeWP POST TYPE form builder. For creating please follow the below steps.

  • Go to CubeWP
  • Click on POST TYPE form builder
  • Choose your Post Type
  • Drag and Drop your fields
  • Save Changes
  • Create a new Page
  • Edit with Elementor
  • Add Ads Submission Element on the Page
  • Select your POST TYPE
  • Save Changes

PART 4: Single Post Editor

You need to create your own single page for your newly created POST TYPE. Follow the below steps

  • Go to CubeWP
    Click on Single-Post Editor
  • Choose your New Post Type
  • Create sections in the content or sidebar area
  • Drag and drop your fields to your desired area
  • Save Changes

PART 5: Search Form and Search Filters

After adding everything, Now you need to create Search forms and Search Filters as well. Follow the below steps:

  • Go to CubeWP
  • Go to Search Form Builder and then Search Filters
  • Select your New POST TYPE
  • Add your fields
  • Save Changes