How the Review System Works in ClassifiedPro?

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ClassifiedPro features a reciprocal review system enabling buyers and admins to request and provide feedback on transactions and interactions. Reviews facilitate transparent feedback exchange, fostering trust and assessing user experiences within the ClassifiedPro platform.


  • After completing the shipment process and providing a shipment ID, an optional checkbox is available to admins.
  • This checkbox is automatically checked by default.
  • Admins have the choice to leave it checked or unchecked it based on whether they want to send a request for review regarding the buyer’s experience.
  • If left checked, the system will automatically send a request for review on the buyer’s experience.


  • Buyers have the ability to rate their experience with purchasing a product and interacting with the admin.
  • They can provide ratings based on various aspects such as product quality, delivery time, and the admin’s communication and support.
  • Ratings serve as feedback mechanisms to help other users gauge the reliability and quality of the products and services offered on the platform.
  • This dual feedback system ensures transparency and accountability, fostering trust and improving overall user experiences within the platform.

Review System Configuration: Automatic or Pending Approval:

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