How to create dispute in ClassifiedPro?

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Enhanced Transaction Security:

  • Access CubeWp settings as an admin.
  • Click on the “Wallet” option within the settings.
  • Enable the “Payment Hold” option.
  • Specify the number of days for which the admin can hold the payment.
  • Save the changes to apply the configured settings.


  • After the specified time, the system automatically releases the payment.
  • After the hold period, buyers may not be able to create disputes or request refunds.
  • This setting helps in managing and controlling payment-related issues within the specified time frame.

Step 1:

  • Buyer checks the received product.

  • If issues arise, the buyer clicks on the “Create Dispute” button.
  • Accesses the dispute resolution platform.

  • Provides a detailed description of the product-related issue.
  • Specifies the nature of the problem or dissatisfaction.
  • Attaches relevant photos, videos, or documents to support the dispute.

  • The dispute is submitted for review by the admin or relevant support team.
  • Admin or support team reviews the dispute, examining provided information.
  • A resolution is reached, which may include a refund or another mutually agreed-upon solution.
  • The buyer is informed of the resolution, and necessary actions, such as a refund, are processed accordingly.

Step 2:

At the both sides, seller and buyer dashboard will show the dispute option.


If these Sales and Purchase tabs are not available:

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